Ideas Extended

I thought it would be good to make a list of things I think about each place and different bits within the topic that I might choose to look at.

Things that come to mind when I think of Cambridge

– River Cam    -Punting    -Pretty University     -Flat     -Bikes

-Friends    -Family    -Home    -Expensive    -Dry area      -Lots of Greens


Things that come to mind when I think of Sheffield

-Peaks      – Hilly     -University (Hallam)     -Uni Friends     -Family

– Home     -Lots of rain     -Cold     -Industry      -Countryside


Positives about CambridgeCambridge_Railway_Station_Bicycle_Racks.preview

-Friends and Family.

-Its good to run on Flat ground.

-It’s nice to ride your bike around.

Negatives about Cambridge

-Expensive Bus Prices.

-Expensive Parking.

-Generally Expensive.

-Can’t walk into town from where I live.

Positives about Sheffieldpeaks

-Cheap Bus Prices.

-Cheaper Parking.

-Nice places to go for walks (peaks).

-You can walk to most places.

Negatives about Sheffield

-The hills put me off running.

-I didn’t bring my bike up because I don’t think I could manage the hills.

-I don’t understand somethings people say.

Thinking about Stereotypes what people think about each place, the difference in Language and culture. For example Yorkshire Dialect/slang that I had never heard before and people generally being more friendly up north. An Idea- Could have like a translation piece Yorkshire Dialect explained?

I’d like to look at comparing the weather as I have heard that East Anglia is the driest place in the UK and it seems to rain a lot more in Sheffield. I’d like to gather opinions from people to see which they think has the most rainfall and then collect actual data to find out that true facts.


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