Change of Ideas

When I was writing my Ideas up about walking and my foot journey I suddenly had a thought about how when I’m at home (in Cambridge) walking the ground is very flat and when I’m in Sheffield going up and down all the hills.  So I quickly visualized this…ImageI then realized that there was a big contrast that was made even more clear by me visualizing it the walking at home and in Sheffield were completely different lines. I though about laying the lines on top of each other to show the contrast. This is when I got the idea to still continue to look at journeys, but instead to look at my journey from Cambridge to Sheffield. Showing the differences and similarities and things I have to adjust to when going two and from these two places that I now see as “Home”. From Home to Home (thinking that could be my title for this project) I want to look at what I see as the positives and negatives of both places both from my personal opinion from living in both places and from other peoples opinions. I want to compare my findings and show correlations and contrasts in a different way. I want to see if what people think about the place is necessarily true for example what people think about the weather compared to weather statistics (informing people of correct facts).


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